Ubisoft’s Star Wars Game Features Handcrafted Worlds, No Procedural Generation

Ubisoft’s Star Wars Game Features Handcrafted Worlds, No Procedural Generation

Ubisoft’s Star Wars Outlaws, announced earlier this year, promises an expansive open-world experience, albeit with a different approach to exploration than some might expect. Julian Gerighty, the creative director at Ubisoft Massive, shared in an Edge magazine interview that Star Wars Outlaws will focus on offering a “manageable” adventure across the galaxy, steering clear of the procedurally generated planet model used by games like Starfield.

Starfield is set to feature over 1,000 planets, utilizing procedural generation to create vast but often sparsely populated worlds. In contrast, Star Wars Outlaws will feature entirely handcrafted environments. The exact number of planets players can explore remains undisclosed, but Gerighty assures that each will be rich in detail and content.

Comparing to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Gerighty suggests that the scope of a single planet in Outlaws might resemble two or three of Odyssey’s regions. This doesn’t mean recreating entire countries but rather focusing on depth and quality of the experience within each distinct area.

The game will also differ in how players navigate space, opting out of freeform space flight in favor of designated close-orbit zones ripe for exploration, like asteroid fields or abandoned stations. This choice emphasizes the game’s commitment to delivering quality over quantity, focusing on detailed worlds that offer freedom and engaging content over sheer size.

While Star Wars Outlaws doesn’t have a firm release date, it’s anticipated for 2024. In contrast, Starfield is on the horizon with a launch date set for September 6. As with any Ubisoft title, fans may want to wait for more concrete details before marking their calendars.

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