Star Wars Outlaws: An elegant weapon for a more uncivilized age

Star Wars Outlaws: An elegant weapon for a more uncivilized age

As Ubisoft’s foray into the action-adventure genre, Star Wars Outlaws inevitably leads players into combat. Despite the game’s impressive visuals during skirmishes, with Kay taking cover or engaging enemies from her speeder bike, the combat appeared somewhat stiff to me, missing the precision I’ve grown accustomed to from Ubisoft’s well-crafted encounters in The Division. Gerighty, however, reassures that Kay’s combat style will feel appropriate within the broader context of the game.

“Embracing the scoundrel’s role in Star Wars means you’re not a polished soldier. You’re an improvising outlaw, relying on your wits, blaster, and gear – and of course, Nix,” Gerighty explains, highlighting that Nix isn’t just a combat aide but also facilitates exploration. “Combat isn’t just about cover and headshots for an outlaw.”

Kay’s ingenuity will be reflected in a crafting system yet to be fully unveiled, but it’s confirmed that upgrades for speeders, spaceships, and Kay’s blaster are part of the gameplay. Players will have options like ‘Focused’ and ‘Blaster’ firing modules and at least a ‘Stun’ mode. Abilities showcased so far include ‘Trick Shot’, which Gerighty describes as a way to make players feel “incredibly lucky and spectacular” during precision moments.

With the release slated for 2024, Massive Entertainment has a lot to demonstrate to fulfill the ambitious vision they’ve set. But for now, we bask in the potential of this scoundrel fantasy, which game director Mathias Karlson sums up as, “a seamless journey from a planet’s cantina to the stars.”

Should Massive succeed, Star Wars Outlaws could very well be the ultimate Han Solo experience we’ve longed to immerse ourselves in.

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