Star Wars Outlaws: Wanted, Dead or Alive

Star Wars Outlaws: Wanted, Dead or Alive

Gerighty describes the concept of creating “a scoundrel experience” as a seemingly simple yet profound cornerstone for Massive’s development process. “It’s at the core of what we’re constructing,” he explains, shaping the resourcefulness of the protagonist, Kay Vess, her unorthodox combat style, and the intricate reputation systems embedded in Star Wars Outlaws.

The narrative setting is crucial to this vision, situated in the tumultuous period between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, as described by narrative director Navid Khavari. It’s a time when the chaos of the galactic civil war has allowed criminal elements like the Syndicates to flourish. Kay will navigate through dealings with known entities such as the Pyke Syndicate and the Hutt Cartel, as well as a new player, the Ashiga Clan, all while the Empire’s presence looms.

Massive has embraced the mantra “you live and die by your reputation,” which is vital to the Star Wars Outlaws adventure. The reputation system I’ve observed is reactive; your actions have tangible effects on your standing with various factions. Steal from one, and you’ll tarnish your reputation. Refuse to bribe an Imperial, and you’ll soon be marked by the Empire. Gerighty explains, “The reputation system lets players create their unique web of alliances and enemies.”

The consequences of your reputation extend beyond relationships; they influence your access to opportunities, visibility in the galaxy, and even your perception of the unfolding story. And not all problems can be solved with a blaster. “We’ve invested in our narrative tools to empower players with choice in dialogues because sometimes, a scoundrel’s best weapon is their wit,” Gerighty says.

But Kay’s concerns aren’t limited to the underworld. Entanglements with the Empire could elevate her to the top of the most wanted lists, attracting as much attention as the last Jedi. Gerighty notes that dealing with a ‘Wanted’ status could involve various strategies, from lying low to directly neutralizing the threat.

Getting caught in an Imperial compound may not offer a simple exit, and the game’s open-world structure provides a myriad of ways to handle such predicaments. Whether you’re dodging into hyperspace, outrunning pursuers across the planets, or facing head-on confrontations, the risk of becoming ‘Wanted’ is an ever-present danger, especially when corrupt Imperial officers are involved.

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